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Singer/Guitarist, Songwriter

Plants and Pottery



Lea currently resides in London UK and is proud of his Argentinian/Italian roots.  As a Singer/Songwriter known for his pop/rock genre he works tirelessly as a dedicated musician.  With a husky voice, charismatic character and passionate guitar playing he combines rock, pop and latin blends that result in a very unique and original style. Lea creates songs that everyone can enjoy and reflect upon, aiming to inspire all through his music. He has sung and played guitar at festivals and music venues nationwide and internationally for a number or years. He performs regularly in pubs, clubs and private venues throughout the City of London and is currently a member of the ‘Busk in London’ programme.




‘Hurricane’ is Lea’s first release of 2022 where he sings about being in awe of true beauty. With a 90’s vibe and a simple but catchy guitar riff, the song dives into different emotions from soft verses to a more energetic chorus and finishes with a build.  He co-wrote ‘Hurricane’ with Phaze3 Music, a team of songwriters and producers based in the South London. Many have said that this song could be an England football fan’s dream as the chorus is just waiting to be jumped on!  


Lea continues to create tracks for an EP due to be released later in the year.

Song info:

HurricaneLea Baruffato
00:00 / 03:02

Date Release: 14/01/2022

Single Release: Hurricane


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